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Strategic Cooperations

Strategic Cooperations

Strategic Collaborations

HPGC is Seeking Win-Win Alliance and Partners with Complementary Advantages
HPGC—one of China’s Top 500 Companies.
HPGC—has two listed companies (HPGC Holding and HPGC Sanjing). HPGC Holding is China’s first pharmaceutical company that went public.
HPGC—has Chinese Famous Trademarks like Hayao, Sanjing, Gaizhonggai, Shiyitang and Hutong. In pharmaceutical industry in China, HPGC has the most strength brands, and Hayao is the most influential brand and shortlisted for "Asia’s Top 100 Brands”. The total value of HPGC brands is 30 billion RMB.

Seven Strength Segments
Our seven strength segments are antibiotics, small-molecule drug preparations, OTC and healthcare products, Chinese medicines, bioengineering drugs, animal vaccines and medicine circulation. We manufacture more than 2000 drugs, including product series of penicillins, cephalosporins, double Coptis Rhizome, genetically engineered drugs and bio-vaccines.

World-Class R&D Facility – HPGC Pharmaceutical Academy
HPGC has been setting up the new R&D location—HPGC Pharmaceutical Academy since 2011. Our R&D institute has full range of collaborations with domestic and international experts from prestigious universities and research institutes. Six R&D centers are established, which are R&D centers of small-molecule drugs, bioengineering drugs, drug preparations, modern Chinese medicines, OTC and healthcare products and animal vaccines. We have several innovative R&D platforms in the institute, such as the extended, controlled and immediate release technology platform, the technology platform of fat emulsions, liposomes and lipid microspheres, and the biopharmaceutical PEGylation technology platform. We currently have over 140 new products. Our penicillin and cephalosporin C fermentation technologies are in world-advanced level. The market shares of cephalosporin API and preparations, healthcare product series of calcium supplements and Chinese medicine for injection consistently rank first in the country.

Fully Integrated and Upgraded Marketing Team and Channel
Since 2012, HPGC has been reorganizing and fully integrating all the marketing resources from the eight main subsidiary companies. A specialized marketing team of 7000 people were set up, subdividing into OTC, clinical and primary healthcare areas. The OTC team has built strategic alliances with more than 300 companies from the National Top 100 Chain Companies, and it led to our product coverage of over 200 thousand retailer pharmacy stores. The clinical team refined the systems of distributor recruiting and academic promotion, and it led to our product coverage of more than 3000 hospitals of second-level or above. The primary healthcare team integrated first-grade distributors and completed second-grade distributing network, and our circulating products now basically reach all over China’s terminal facilities of primary healthcare. While consolidating internal market advantages, we have also applied for international registrations and qualifications. Our APIs and preparations of ceftriaxone, ceftizoxime and industrial benzylpenicillin potassium are sold to European, Asian, African and Middle and North American markets. We have the biggest drug circulating companies of Heilongjiang province – HPGC Medicine Co., Ltd. and HPGC Logistics Distribution Center. We have 102 products that exceed revenue of 10 million RMB, among which 30 products exceed revenue of 100 million RMB.

Achieve Mutual Development through Collaboration
Under the current development strategy of “Take a second pioneering journey through transformation and upgrade”, we are sincerely seeking a wide range of collaborations with domestic and foreign companies. Our collaboration approaches are flexible. We are open to equity joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and transferring of projects, drug certificates and entire drug preparations. We also look for collaborations on trademarks.

Contact: Fan Xinlin, Director of Operation Management Department
Phone: 51870125

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