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HPGC Overview

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., a State-Controlled Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture.


Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (HPGC) is a state-controlled Sino-foreign equity joint venture. It is composed of domestically famous pharmaceutical companies like HPGC General Factory, HPGC Sanjing, HPGC Sixth Factory, HPGC Chinese Medicine, HPGC Bioengineering and HPGC Vaccine, and commercial circulation companies like HPGC Medicine, HPGC Sales and HPGC Marketing. HPGC has two listed companies, HPGC Holding and HPGC Sanjing. HPGC owns 45.06% equity stake in HPGC Holding, and HPGC Holding owns 74.82% equity stake in HPGC Sanjing. HPGC has more than 20,000 employees, and total assets of 18.5 billion RMB.

HPGC is integrated with pharmaceutical manufacture, trade and R&D. We have seven main business segments, which are antibiotics, small-molecular drug preparations, OTC and healthcare products, modern Chinese medicines, biopharmaceuticals, animal vaccines and medicine circulations. We produce more than 20 dosage forms and over 1000 drugs. The annual production capacity is 15 thousand tons of API and intermediates, 2 billion vials of small-molecule drug for injection, 100 million vials of Chinese medicine for injection, 180 million vials of solution injections, 11 billion tablets, 14 billion capsules, 2.2 billion vials of oral solutions and 30 billion doses of animal vaccines.

HPGC products are sold throughout China and more than fifty other countries. The market shares of cephalosporin APIs and preparations, healthcare product series of calcium supplements, and Chinese medicines for injection consistently rank first in the country. Part of our products has reached European, Asian, African, and Middle and North American markets. The annual foreign exchange earning is more than 100 million dollars. More than 100 products exceed revenue of 10 million RMB, over 30 of which exceed 100 million RMB.

HPGC has 5 Chinese Famous Trademarks, which are Hayao, Sanjing, Gaizhonggai, Hutong and Shiyitang. Hayao is one of the most valuable pharmaceutical brands in China and its brand value is evaluated to be worth 18.4 billion RMB. The operating profit and the main business revenue of HPGC have been in the front seats among Chinese Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies for seven consecutive years since 2005.

In addition to establishing the strong brands, HPGC has put the rich resources accumulated by the aid of the famous brands into technology innovation. HPGC has been setting up the new R&D location – HPGC Pharmaceutical Academy since 2011. The R&D institute has full range of collaborations with domestic and international experts from prestigious universities and research institutes. Six research centers are established, which are research centers of small-molecule drugs, bioengineering drugs, drug preparations, modern Chinese medicines, OTC and healthcare products and animal vaccines. We have several innovative R&D platforms in the institute, such as technology platform of extended, controlled and immediate release, technology platform of fat emulsions, liposomes and lipid microspheres, and technology platform of biopharmaceutical PEGylation. With those platforms, we focus to develop our strength core technologies and products. We currently have over 140 new products. The penicillin and cephalosporin C fermentation technologies are in the world-advanced level. The constantly improved independent R&D system and the growing research team, along with the strong brands constitute the company’s pair of wings.HPGC has received honors and awards including “Winner of Chinese Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies”,“China’s Most Respected Enterprise”, “Champion of the Global Top 100 Chinese Companies”, “China’s Innovative Company with the Most Growth Potential”, “Harbin Top 50 Taxpayers of Industry Companies”, “the Top 10 Most Influential Pharmaceutical Enterprise Award”, and “Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan”. They have brought wide attention and praise of the society to HPGC.

For year 2012, the gross industrial output of HPGC is 10.2 billion RMB, with revenue of 18 .0 billion RMB and profit of 885 million RMB.

Standing on the new start point that bears hope and vitality, HPGC will take practical actions to achieve leapfrog development under the new strategy of “Take a second pioneering journey through transformation and upgrade”. We endeavor to join the Global 500 and become a world-class company with international competitiveness.

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