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  • Hongyan Yaopin®
    Hongyan is swan goose in Chinese.It is the angel of the human health, symbolizing the holy and pure. It indicates that the company is progressing to a higher goal.

    The Fourth Pharmaceutical Factory was authorized to use the trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce on March 25, 1980. The trademark has been carrying the true friendship of the Fourth Factory for more than 20 years, delivering health and care to millions of people.

  • Guangwei®
    The logo design is intelligent, concise and rigorous using the expression of modern art. It shows business philosophy of the company, and that the biopharmaceutical technology keeps pace with the times.  
  • Renmin Tongtai®

    The Chinese meaning of Renmin Tongtai implies that the development of the company lies in the people and to serve the people is our business purpose, and that we have responsibilities to provide drugs with good quality which meet their satisfaction. Also, we’ve always kept the blessings for the people in our heart, and wish all people to be safe and healthy.

  • Hayao Shengwu®
    Hayao Shengwu is the abbreviated Chinese name of HPGC Bio-engineering Company.The logo design has rigorous structure and scientific dimension proportion. The blue part represents the sea. The upturned part with white gaps shows the waves. The design implies that HPGC Bio-engineering is rising like a red sun from the broad market.

    The front part of the bottom blue also looks like a ship bow, and the huge sea waves are surging around the ship stern. It shows that HPGC Bio-engineering is traveling through the commercial sea with no fear of the wind and the waves like the giant ship.

    The bottom part of the logo also looks like the wings of a bird, and it represents the sunbird. The sunbirds always fly towards the sun, and bring life and warmth to the world. It implies that HPGC Bio-engineering is like the sunbird, bringing life and hope to people.

    The bottom part looks like the number one in Chinese as well, saying HPGC Bio-engineering always tries to be the best and the first.

  • Baohulu®
    Baohulu means treasured calabash in Chinese. It is the registered trademark of HPGC Chinese Medicine Second Factory, and received multiple certifications of provincial and municipal famous trademarks. Calabash is composed of circles, representing harmony, satisfaction, and happiness. It was believed to remove and prevent disasters and evils, and keep people healthy in ancient times. According to folklore researchers, propitious calabashes fulfill the human yearnings for a better life.

    Baohulu from HPGC Chinese Medicine Second Factory represents pursuit of propitiousness, satisfaction, and happiness. It is the modern deduction of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Manshanhong®

    Manshanhong is the Chinese name of the plant Maries azalea. Maries azalea mainly grows in the northeastern and Inner Mongolia areas of China, and the weather here is fairly tough. Maries azalea is full of life and vitality. Its roots, leaves and fruits can all be put into drugs. Its fruits can relieve cough and heavy breath and eliminate sputum, and are the main ingredients of Shiyitang® cough eliminating products.

  • Hutong®
    The brand Hutong was created in 2001. HPGC Sixth Factory has paid great attention to the drug market of children’s common cold caring for the children and their health. It has won the trust of millions of moms.

    Hutong is the leading brand of children’s common cold medicine and known to every household after over 10 years’ development.

    Hutong was certified to be Chinese Famous Trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2011.

  • Hayaoliu®
    Hayaoliu is the abbreviated Chinese name of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sixth Pharmaceutical Factory. HPGC Sixth Factory is one of the affiliated backbone companies of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. It owns advanced equipments that manufacture comprehensive drug preparations of 12 different forms and more than 170 drugs.

    Its predominant products, such as New Gaizhonggai® High Calcium Tablets, Calcium and Zinc Oral Solutions, Puxue® Ferrous Lactate/Vitamin C Oral Solutions, Yandi® Roxithromycin Dispersible Tablets, Xieliting® Belladonna Sulfamethoxazole and Trimerhoprim Tablets, Hutong® Acetaminophen/Chlorpheniramine maleate/Artificial Bezoar Bovis Granules for Children, all have maintained revenues of 100 million RMB for years. The products that come after them, which are Weixiao® Lactein Tablets, Irbesartan Capsules, Cough Eliminating Tablets, Azithromycin Dispersible Tablets, make even better sales. The healthcare product series that leads with Famous Trademark Gaizhonggai has formed its initial scale, and we are expanding the children’s product series of Famous Trademark Hutong.

    Hayaoliu was jointly evaluated by World Brand Lab and World Economic Forum in 2010 and was worth of brand value of 8.37 billion RMB. HPGC Sixth Factory ranks the second place in pharmaceutical industry in China, and the first place in companies that come from Heilongjiang province.

  • Gaizhonggai®

    HPGC Sixth Factory is one of the earliest companies that start manufacturing calcium products, and they were developed from 1996. We developed New Gaizhonggai® High Calcium Tablets using ultrafine pulverization technology in 2003. It is very popular because of its high calcium content, good absorption, reasonable price and easy administration. It quickly established its market leading position among calcium supplement products. Gaizhonggai product family has product members for different populations, like New Gaizhonggai® High Calcium Tablets, New Gaizhonggai® Calcium Tablets for Children, New Gaizhonggai® Calcium Lactate Oral Solutions and High Calcium Tablets for Women.

    Gaizhonggai® was certified to be Chinese Famous Trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2008.

  • Sanchine®
    San is a root meaning healthy in English. Chine means China in French, and mountain ridge in English. The English pronunciation of Sanchine is similar to the Chinese pronunciation of Sanjing. Sanchine represents positive meanings like “healthy China” and “healthy ridge”. It implies that HPGC Sanjing is dedicated to the great career of the health of Chinese people.
  • Shiyitang®
    The brand design is very unique: a hollow red main body containing traditional Chinese roof surrounded by clouds. Shiyitang is a brand with more than 100 years’ history. It is the Northern Hall of the traditional Chinese Five Halls. Shiyitang products won gold award of the first Panama-Pacific International Exposition early in 1915. It was certificated as the Chinese Time-Honored Brand by the original Trading Ministry. Shiyitang is the first brand that was registered internationally in Heilongjiang Province. It is a member of Chinese Famous Trademark Protection Organization.
  • Hayao®
    Hayao means Harbin pharmaceutical in Chinese.

    HPGC has two companies listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and 14 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock companies.

    The brand value of Hayao was evaluated to be worth 16.7 billion RMB by Chinese authority organizations in 2011, and is listed in the first place in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Hayao has become the most valuable pharmaceutical brand in China.

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