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Public Welfare


Fulfill the Social Responsibilities with Love and Help the Disaster Victims with Action


As one of the Top 500 Companies in China, our business purpose has always been to make authentic drugs and be a creditable company. We take more corresponding social responsibilities as our company grows bigger and stronger, and we have always actively involved ourselves in charities and public welfare activities. We have received many awards including China’s Most Respected Company, China Charity Award, Loving Donation Award, Heilongjiang Outstanding Contribution in Fighting Earthquakes Award, and etc.


We come forward when the country suffers


We donated 2.9 million RMB and 20-million-RMB worth drugs in the Sichuan earthquake. We rent our own airplanes to deliver our medications to the earthquake area when highways and railways failed to function.


It is not the first time that we came forward in such critical times. We donated a total worth of 31.22 million RMB in the catastrophic flood in 1998. We worked overnights to provide drugs of urgent needs and donated drugs that were worth of 3 million RMB during SARS period in 2003 spring. In the snow disaster of last winter in the south, HPGC Sanjing emergently had drugs of 90 thousand boxes allocated to the affected areas for free, and we donated another 90 thousand boxes of Chailian Oral Solution (worth 1.8 million RMB) to the Red Cross of ten provinces and cities.


We give help to the indigent


Caring for the young and old is a traditional Chinese virtue. We have consistently donated to the Harbin Senior Foundation and provided multiple services. HPGC General Factory donated 300 thousand RMB in 2004 and built the Oriental Horizon-HPGC Hope Elementary School. They have three party branches that give constant donations over the years to the education funds, with about 10 thousand RMB per year from each party branch. HPGC Sanjing financed 120 indigent college students from Mingshui County with 100 thousand RMB and helped them graduated from universities.


HPGC has also put about 3 million RMB to different projects and activities, including digging dozens of wells in Mulan County and Mingshui County and help improve the local drinking water condition and control the Kaschin-Beck disease, contributing to Help the Disadvantaged Population Project of Harbin and Harbin Mores of Charity and Helping the Poor, and so on.


We take the lead in public welfare and charity activities


As HPGC is developing and growing, we always keep the idea of giving back to the society in mind and involve ourselves in the forefront of public welfare and charity contributions. We have contributed more than 200 million RMB to different public welfare and charity occasions according to incomplete statistics. The trademark Hayao is worth of 18.37 billion RMB according to the evaluation of Beijing Famous Trademark Co., Ltd. in 2012.


We make great efforts to be an environment-friendly company


We believe that greater strength corresponds to greater responsibilities. We spend at least 5% of our revenue each year in governing energy conservation and pollution emission reduction. HPGC General Factory was the first pharmaceutical company to be authorized Operation Qualification Certificate of Environment Pollution Management Facility.

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